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//Nouvelle collection//

There's no place like home ....... La nouvelle collection Daydream Nation est arivée en boutique ! 

Who are they?

Top Daydream Nation

Daydream Nation is a Fashion Arts House founded in 2006.

Aside from being an international fashion label, Daydream Nation is celebrated for its cross-disciplinary collaborations with other art forms including theatre, dance, music, film and visual arts.

With the opening of it's flagship store in October 2010, Daydream Nation is set to become Hong Kong's new creative hub. Alongside its own collection of clothing and accessories, it features the work of local artists and indie bands, and runs a program of creative workshops, events and happenings.
Capturing hearts with its inspired designs and whimsical spirit, Daydream Nation has dressed international stars such as Ke$ha and Juliette Binoche; collaborated with a range of brands including Peter Jensen, Shangri-la, The Old Curiosity Shop and Urban Outfitters; and even caught the eye of CHANEL, whom selected pieces from our AW09 collection to inspire Karl Lagerfeld’s work. Its work has received awards such as Vogue Italia’s ‘Vogue Talent 2010’; Hong Kong’s Ten Outstanding Designers Award 2009, 2011; Perspective/Cierre Italia’s ‘40 under 40’ Design Award, 2009; and White Milan’s ‘Womanswear Inside White Award’, 2008. Daydream Nation is currently selling to over 10 countries, stocked in over 80 shops around the world.

Modèles disponibles en boutique ou ici.
Boutique Matières à réflexion - 19 rue de Poitou/20 rue du Pont-aux-choux  Paris 3e

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